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SBL launches gifting initiative, promotes responsible drinking

SERENGETI Breweries Limited (SBL) has unveiled a gifting campaign for its portfolio of international spirits during festive season that goes hand in hand with the brewer’s responsible drinking initiative aimed at promoting road safety.

The SBL Managing Director Mr Mark Ocitti said in Dar es Salaam over the weekend that, “The campaign goes hand in hand with the call to drink responsibly aimed to educate our customers and the general public not to Drink and Drive,” Responsible drinking campaign, ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’, aims at building awareness to all road users that an alcohol consumer need not to get addicted and that they can drink responsibly without causing unprecedented incidences.

He said through the gifting campaign, SBL encourages public to use the offer during year end festive season buy broad range of premium international spirits brands like Captain Morgan, Ciroc.

However, he emphasized that the gifting campaign should be used responsibly during the year end feasts to avoid unnecessary accidents.

The SBL initiative supports the government and other key stakeholders in ensuring that the community especially drivers who are most prone to drinkinduced accidents are sensitized on the dangers of irresponsible drinking.

For the past five years, SBL has embarked on ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ campaign to tackle the misuse of alcohol, with a special focus to motorists, drivers and pedestrians and also students in the higher learning institutions.

In the recent event to educate road users on its campaign ‘ Don’t drink and drive’, the Kilimanjaro Regional Traffic Police Officer, Zauda Mohammed, commended SBL for the initiative and by engaging police in the campaign thus supporting the law enforcement teams in the region to create awareness on the dangers of irresponsible drinking among the motorcyclist, motorists and other road users.

“We all know that alcoholism is more often than not, linked to reckless driving which at most time leads to serious road accidents causing loss and injuries in the society.

The impacts go further to endangering the lives of others, thus losing or disabling many people who would have contributed to social-economic growth,” she said.

She noted also that the resultant accidents from irresponsible alcohol consumption have serious impacts on the health sector by increasing budget through treatment and the provision of other services to the society.

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