Shein inaugurates a new state of the art ferryboat

PRESIDENT Ali Mohamed Shein on Thursday inaugurated ‘a new state of the art ferryboat’, owned by Azam Marine Company, saying the new boat represents strides being recorded in improving marine transport.

Addressing audience at the inauguration ceremony held at the Mtoni, premises of the Verde Hotel, Shein Said “We thank the Investor-Mr Said Bakhressa for extending his business in Zanzibar. I call upon other serious investors, locally and from abroad to come.”

He said Zanzibar has made improvements on its infrastructure and business environment to pave way for all kinds of investments, “We welcome investments in transport sector, agriculture, and industries.”

The new boat dubbed Kilimanjaro VII, says Shein’ boots tourism industry by increasing transportation of tourists from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar, targeting to have a record 600,000 tourists by end of 2020 after admirable record of more than 500,000 this year.

He said that the successes being recorded prove the implementation of the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) manifesto for the 2015/2020.

The Minister for Finance and Planning, Mr Mohamed Ramia Abdiwawa praised Bakhressa for having many investments in Zanzibar which contributes heavily to the Isles economy growth now at above seven percent.

The executive director of ‘Kilimanjaro Fast Ferries’ and ‘Azam Marine’ Mr Abubakar Aziz Salim said so far the marine companies have employed about 400 people and transporting an estimated two million people including about 200,000 foreigners annually.

He said the new boat constructed in Australia for the period of 18 months with the capacity of carrying 510 passengers: Economy class (202), Economy Premium (218) class, VIP (72) class and royal class (18).

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Zanzibar

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