Tan Trade links over 32,000 traders to crucial markets

TANZANIA Trade Development Authority (TanTrade) has successfully helped over 32,000 local traders to access international markets in the past four years.

The support has also enabled traders to engage in various activities including establishment of industries.

TanTrade Deputy Director General, Latifa Hamisi told reporters on Wednesday that in the past four years traders were equipped with investment and business opportunities information at both local and international levels.

She said traders have been enabled to participate in export business, which is the best process in boosting the economy.

She said 405 traders were connected to markets and managed to sell 102,000 tons of maize, 2,000 tons of groundnuts, 5,000 tons of soya beans, 50 tones of cereals and 5,000tons of cassava.

“TanTrade has succeeded to connect 405 traders who sold a total 0f 102,000 tones of maize in local and external markets, 2,000 tones of groundnuts, 5,000 of soya beans, 50 tones of cereals, 5,000 tones of cassava” she said.

Ms Hamis added that traders managed to sell seven tones of papaya leaves, 200 kilograms of the baobab fruits and two tones of cardamom as well as 3.2 tones of ginger flower.

The deputy director general gave an example of local market success saying that there were some instances where some farm products produced from one area were made available to the other like export of tomatoes from Tanzania mainland to Zanzibar.

On regional market, Ms Hamisi said her office strived greatly to connect traders to regional markets such as the East African Community (EAC) and that of the Southern African Development community (SADC).

“We have spearheaded the formation of some committees among traders in the member countries, this has simplified businesses and helped to boost business in our region,” she noted.

She revealed that most of the farm products which are highly demanded in foreign markets include fruits, Coffee, honey, tea, cereals, sea products, cashew nuts and spices.

Apart from the regional markets, TanTrade has indentified other potential markets for exporting Tanzania products as China, Japan, USA, Ukraine, UAE, Egypt, Vietnam and European Union.

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