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TCRA intensifies campaign on SIM card registration

TCRA intensifies campaign on SIM card registration

RESIDENTS of Singida region have come out in big numbers for the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) campaign dubbed ‘Mnada kwa Mnada’, aimed at enhancing public knowledge and awareness on the ongoing biometric registration.

In this campaign, TCRA is working closely with mobile network providers, Police Force’s Online Crime Division, National Identification Authority (NIDA), and the Immigration Department for biometric SIM cards registration using NIDA identification cards.

TCRA Central zone Chief, Mr Anthony Manyanda said that the campaign has now reached 18 regions, where it is expected to cover all regions countrywide, calling on Singida residents to use the opportunity to register their SIM cards.

According to him, the campaign aims at providing an opportunity to citizens to be served especially at this time through registration of SIM cards using fingerprint as well as other communication services.

He added that the campaign helps to straighten the protection of telecommunication services and to provide education in collaboration with various stakeholders in responding to the challenges they face in telecommunication.

He said TCRA is there to provide education to citizens so that they can use communication properly from the education they provided, calling on them to make sure they get national IDs in order to register their SIM cards through the fingerprint sys tem.

“TCRA will ensure that we reach out to citizens to provide telecommunication education in order to address the challenges in the service. This is a non-stop campaign which focuses on ensuring all citizens register their SIM cards,” he said.

He said that the campaign had started for all central regions in the country.

TCRA Senior Communication Officer, Mabel Masasi said the response has been overwhelming from citizens seeking for IDs for registering their mobile phones.


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