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NSSF staff told to prioritise members’ needs

MIND set change training to NSSF staff is set to ensure that members are served according to their needs.

“The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) is committed to improve service delivery to its members, which is in line with the Fund’s expectations and aspirations,” the NSSF Director of Human Resources and Administration, Julius Mganga said during a culture change training session to NSSF staff in Tanga, Moshi and Arusha regions.

Mganga added that the organization’s presence is for the purpose of providing services to members, so the staffs are required to provide services in accordance with the rules and wishes of the members.

“We all know our presence as a Fund is for serving our members, so we want all our services to reflect what we intend for our members, and to make sure we serve them according to the law so that they will be comfortable with our services” said Mganga Maamur’s Mosque Chief Imam, Sheikh Issa Othuman Issa, said that as religious leaders, they have spoken to the staff, and told them that work is just like any other ritual; therefore they should adhere to integrity and focus on their work.

“We have spoken to the NSSF staff in Tanga, Kilimanjaro and Arusha, and we told them that work is a ritual and a moral imperative. So they should have a sense of entitlement, considering that in so doing, they will please God and the people they serve,” said Sheikh Issa.

On the other hand, Rev. Gwakisa Mwaipopo of the Eastern Diocese of the East Coast and Azania Front Movement called on NSSF staff to ensure that they do not plan for change, but learn to be flexible, because change is inevitable, but it is through their willingness to accept it and to be transformed into positive workers and become better civil servants.

“Change is a normal human experience, and it doesn’t get to the point where you become a stickler and don’t accept the flexibility of being positive in your work, especially in your work performance,” said Rev. Mwaipopo.

He emphasized that they should strive to shine in their daily duties and avoid seeking for titles at the workplace, because only good performance will give them respect.

He told them that because they are public servants, they should not contaminate their work environment, but should show commitment through working as a team with their fellow workers, and assist each other when they get stuck, saying this will create harmony.

NSSF Regional Manager Kilimanjaro, Large Materu said he welcomed the training with a strong desire to serve their members, and promised the NSSF management that they will put into practice all the things they received from the training and continue providing quality services to their members.

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