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Protect girls from evil men-appeal

Protect girls from evil men-appeal

PUBLIC school teachers have expressed alarm over the rising tide of young female choir members being preyed upon by male colleagues as well as instructors.

The teachers are also alarmed by the pornography to which the girls are exposed through mobile phone handsets.

Mpwayungu Secondary School Teacher, Omar Amos wants religious leaders to take a lead role in curbing the phenomenon, as quite many female learners drop out of school due to pregnancy.

He was speaking during a recent workshop organised in Chamwino District by Women Wake Up (Wowap). “Most pregnant school children participate in choirs,” the school teacher said.

Mr Amos also pointed out that the students participated in symposiums and meetings but their security was not guaranteed.

Another teacher proposed that religious leaders should prevent female school children from participating in choirs until they graduated or attained maturity.

Rights groups officials expressed concern over the fact that during gatherings, youngsters were often exposed to adult content and sometimes abuse.

Mpwayungu Village Executive Officer, Selemani Kibakaya proposed that detailed research be conducted to determine the root cause of the problem.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Dodoma

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