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Minister promises villagers to access safe, clean water

MINISTER for Water, Prof Makame Mbarawa, has promised a water project will be implemented at Msagali Village in Mpwapwa District, Dodoma Region.

Prof Mbarawa’s remarks come after being interviewed by ‘Daily News’ on the government’s plan to provide safe and clean water to Msagali and nearby villages.

Msagali with over 10,000 villagers has been facing a water shortage for a long time and the majority of villagers especially women and schoolchildren have been travelling long distances in search for water every day.

“One of the major plans we have is to implement water projects in all villages, but will make an immediate follow-up and ensure the villagers have access to safe and clean water,” he said, adding that the government planned to implement 500 water projects in villages to serve schools, hospitals and villagers in general.

Outgoing village executive officer Dickson Mhando told ‘Daily News’ recently that the village had no permanent water source to provide safe and clean water.

“We used to get water from natural water sources such as rivers and streams, but they have dried up, leaving us with nowhere to get it,” he said, adding that the oldest village in Mpwapwa District had never had any government water project or from any well-wisher.

“For the past 20 years, our village never had safe and clean water - women and schoolchildren have been struggling all the time, looking for it,” he said, calling for the government to ensure they got it and save them from walking long distances looking for it.

On the other hand, Mpwapwa Education Officer Mary Chakupewa said over 90 per cent of schools in the district had no water facilities, thus appealing to the government and other well-wishers to ensure schoolchildren had access to water.

“Msagali Primary School is one of the schools that have no water facilities and even sources of water. Pupils are forced to come with water from home for school use,” she said.

Mpwapwa District has 120 primary schools, including three private schools.

District Water Manager Crispin Rioba said Msagali Village would receive water facilities after the start of Water Sector Development Programme Phase II.

He said through the project, the district had initiated miniprojects for setting up water supply facilities in schools, hospitals and in any other public areas.

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