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Mkwasa to instil attacking system at Yanga

YOUNG Africans caretaker Coach Boniface Mkwasa said he is trying to build an attackingminded team and do away with the defending approach they used previously.

Yanga came from behind to beat Coastal Union 3-1 in a friendly match at the National Stadium in Dar es Salaam on Sunday, as both sides seek to keep shape for the Vodacom Premier League (VPL) which resumes this weekend.

An own goal by Yanga defender Ally Sonso shortly before halftime helped the visitors to take a lead but things drastically changed in the last segment as the hosts fired three goals courtesy of substitute Mrisho Ngasa, Papy Tshishimbi and a last minute spot kick by Ugandan import Juma Balinya.

Mkwasa took over from the former coach Congolese, Mwinyi Zahera, who never won any trophy with the team but was able to guide the team to the second place finish last season.

Speaking after the match, Mkwasa said he wants to implant attacking system capable of unlocking any tight defence.

“Previously, Yanga used to defend a lot but now, you can see that we are playing open football and keep pressing hard our opponents regardless the results we have at hand,” he said.

He added that team re-building is a process which takes time hence Yanga fans should be patient as they work hard to get the right rhythm in the squad.

About the friendly match, Mkwasa said it gave them real premier league test because their opponents are also trading in the same journey.

“The match presented a reality of what we need to expect in the upcoming league games and we simply had a good test other than if we played against a team which is not in the league,” said him.

He then promised to work on all the shortfalls which emerged on the day to do even much better in the league assignments.

His skipper Papy Tshishimbi said that his performance is now reemerging as Mkwasa is playing him at the position, where he strives.

“I can play at any position but I have the best place I feel comfortable and that is where I am playing now,” he disclosed.

On his part, Coastal Union Assistant Coach Joseph Lazaro admitted they learnt many things from Yanga during the match which will be used to further strengthen them.

“Today (Sunday), we did not look for results but rather on the team chemistry since most players we used are not regulars as such, they demand exposure of this nature,” he said.

Sharing a secret on how he managed to save David Molinga’s penalty, Coastal Union shotstopper Abubakar Abas disclosed that he studied Molinga moves before he took the kick.

“I keenly observed his position, eyes and moves before saving the shot,” he said.

……Yanga go second


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