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Germans, Tanzanians celebrate 30 years of Berlin wall collapse

GERMANS and Tanzanians gathered here on Wednesday to mark the fall of the iron curtain that separated the East and West Germany, unearthing a new era in the European country and across the world.

Food, drinks and traditional dances decorated the 30th anniversary of the fall of Berlin wall in November 1991.

Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr Damas Ndumbaro lauded the Germans for maintaining peace and prosperity after 40 years of separation.

He said the fall of the Berlin wall has witnessed the divided German raising again with its citizen regaining freedom and unity.

“There has been a rise of democracy and Tanzania has a lot to learn from Germany,” he said.

German that ruled Tanganyika before the Second World War had remained one of the reliable and strategic partners for development, the deputy minister said.

He detailed that the largest European country had been supporting the country’s defence, natural resource, renewable energy, health, water among others.

Recently, he said the German government through KFW provided financial support totaling 127.7 million Euros to support water sector in Tanzania.

“In Military cooperation, Germany supported the construction of Monduli military hospital,” he said, vowing that “No wall, be visible or invisible will divide us.”

The deputy minister emphasised that unity can make a nation stronger.

He reiterated the country’s commitment to work closely and strengthen bilateral relations with the Germans.

German’s Deputy Ambassador in Tanzania, Joerg Herrera announced that the Germany embassy has officially opened a liaison office in Dodoma to facilitate cooperation and communication with ministries, government institutions and parliament.

He explained that the historic event that saw the Berlin wall coming down remains a symbol of joy to many Germans. “It is an emotional date to me, the wall changed my personality,” he said.

German International Cooperation (GIZ), Country Director for Tanzania and East African Community, Dr Mike Falke, shared his firsthand experience as former soldier of the East German Army or German Democratic Republic (GDR), saying being raised in GDR and too familiar with socialist systems, the fall of the wall subjected him into a new country.

“It was a transition period to me. It was very emotional and had a strong impact on my life...I am happy to celebrate,” he said.

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