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Relief as extension roads connect farmers

Relief as extension roads connect farmers

ITAMBO villagers in Mdandu Ward of Wanging’ombe District Council have commended the government for constructing extension roads from the main road to connect their villages and farms.

It is through a 72m/- infrastructural development project which has enabled the construction of five extension roads covering 7.3km.

The project is part of over 300 government development projects worth over 13.1bn/- implemented by Tanzania Social Action Fund (Tasaf) in Njombe Region from 2015 to 2019.

Speaking to this paper recently, Itambo Community Management Committee Chairman, David Ngole said the extension roads had brought relief to them as they were able to transport their produce from farms to the main road more easily than before the roads were constructed.

“We, farmers, have now an opportunity to negotiate and sell our crops at reasonable prices because buyers keep flocking to our farms. These extension roads will enable more farmers to shift from subsistence to commercial farming and improve their livelihoods,” he said.

He explained that as a result of extension roads, the price of 100kg of onions had increased to over 70,000/-from 35,000/-, the price of 10kg of tomatoes has increased from 4,000/-to between 7,000/-and 10,000/- and the price of 10kg of potatoes has increased from 3,000/-to between 5,000/- and 7,000/-.

Tasaf is also implementing a similar project in Masasi Ward in Ludewa District Council, which connects Lihangule and Kingole villages.

In Kingole Village, where a cooperative union for farm products is based, the project has eased the transportation of crops mostly cashew nuts from Lihangule to the cooperative union.

“It is a 3.1km road worth 57m/-,” said Lihangule Village Community Management Committee Chairperson, Moris Kayombo.

“Njombe Region has improved a road network and farmers are able to transport their crops to markets where they expect to get good prices and this has facilitated Tasaf project,” said Tasaf Communication Officer, Estom Sanga.

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Author: ABELA MSIKULA in Njombe

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