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Build more playgrounds to produce future stars

A LOT of a nation’s potential wealth lies in its youth.

Such results should have been taken by the authorities as a reflection of the youth’s dire need for a playground.

Nevertheless, children’s frantic search for a playground has not been given much thought, but ignored mostly as nuisance best discouraged and a sort of their interference in adult’s search for plots to erect sky-high and sprawling business buildings.

The recently, many sports fields have been built countrywide and decision to have an earnest programme to them therefore could not have come at a better time.

As Tanzania has decided to become industrial, that means we could make athletics, or sports by and large, an industry where our youth get lucrative and healthy employment.

What Tanzania has done-building sports grounds in earnest, is an act considerable of its youth, an exercise highly commendable. Children–youths generally-love to play.

Building for them playgrounds therefore, is an early investment to make them responsible citizens. Tanzania, as part of Africa, is endowed with youths with a multitude of athletic endowment.

However, these abilities have more often than not been left to lie idle– ignored!

So far, our nation is not a global or continental power in basketball to talk of while indeed we have many Hasheem Thabit’s, who have gone through most of their youth without playing the game just for lack of a basketball court.

Absence of playgrounds, volleyball courts or halls with a ring for boxers has blocked the emergence of young athletes.

Without the attraction of physical athletic structures or infrastructure there can hardly be motivation to train in some sport.

In sum, it is important for schools to have playgrounds. Yet there are schools without football fields or athletic courts.

No wonder we have more state’s officials disinterested in boosting sports than we have a President and ministers now struggling to revive sports countrywide.

Overall, sports help to create good citizens, responsible adults who become good leaders.

It therefore goes without saying that ignoring the youth’s welfare and development of their physical aptitudes is doing the nation big harm by potentially building lazy non-innovative individuals.

While such a programme is good and welcome, it is nevertheless worth remembering there is always a downside to everything.

The focus of sports participation should centre on learning skills, developing teamwork and having fun. If a focus turns toward unhealthy competition, the experience could become negative.

NATION building is a collective enterprise, in which ...

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