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Brela registers success in electronic licence issuance

EFFORTS to improve business environment have resulted into electronic issuance of over 1,200 business licences in one month since the new registration system was introduced on October 1, this year.

Business Registrations and Licensing Agency (BRELA) Acting Chief Executive Officer Emmanuel Kakwezi, briefing reporters on the government achievements in four years, said piloting of the newly introduced system began early last month, allowing the licencing agency to grant Classes A and B business licences for local government authorities (LGAs).

He identified the beneficiary LGAs as Bukoba, Chalinze and Ilala municipal councils as well as Karagwe district, Mafinga town and Mwanza city councils.

“Out of the 1,206 business licences granted through the electronic system, BRELA has issued 470 licences, Mwanza City (199) and Ilala Municipality 537 licences,” said Mr Kakwezi.

He said the system has minimised paper work and time spent by widely scattered traders to complete the process of acquiring the crucial documentation.

With the new system, users can file applications from within and outside the country as well as company registration be finalised in a single day.

And, in case of follow ups and any concerns, users can simply do so and make prompt corrections via online system.

The system has increased government revenue collection because it’s connected to the Government Electronic Payment Gateway (GEPG) and Local Government Revenue Collection Information System (LGRCIS).

Besides, the agency has established trade information model allowing traders dealing with exports of products like cashew, tea, cosmetics, medical devices, processed foods, wheat and cocoa to acquire the prerequisite information of trading with the outside world. Mr Kakwezi further disclosed that the second phase of the system will involve acquisition of information on transit goods and their required procedures.

“In the case of any problems in future, we are looking forward to pinpoint all the challenges being policy issues and will be presented to the appropriate channels for review,” he said.

The CEO identified import products like tea, medicines, timber, fertilizers, milk and its products, meat, cereals and others.

He noted among the crucial information which can be found in the business portal are the cost, legal, guidelines, administrative procedures and contact information for parties in case a person incurs any challenge.

Brela in partnership with the University of Dar es Salaam, the African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation (ARIPO) and World Intellectual Property Organisation have introduced the Masters Programme in Intellectual Property to acquire more experts in the area.

The initiative also aims at raising awareness on intellectual property in the country. The agency has introduced the programme to support small and medium entrepreneurs on branding procedures for their products to get international recognition.

Mr Kakwezi cited Tankorosho, a cashew nut brand produced and processed in the country and widely spread in different places across Tanzania.

He noted that similar plans are underway for other products like cotton, coffee and rice to enable them compete in the international market.

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