Lugola implicates opposition in plot to disrupt civic polls, issues stern warning

OPPOSITION Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA) is allegedly plotting to incite wananchi against the government ahead of the civic polls later this month.

The government has expressed grave concern over the conspiracy, vowing to take serious measures against individuals behind the evil plans to disrupt elections of the civic leaders.

Tanzanians will on November 24, this year, vote to elect their civic leaders but the government says it has regrettably learnt that some dishonest opposition politicians are orchestrating unrest that may put the nation’s peace and security at risk.

“Peace and security of people and their properties are of utmost importance and the government is directed by the ruling party’s election manifesto to defend peace and security at any cost,” Home Affairs Minister Kangi Lugola said in the national assembly on Friday.

He directed Inspector General of Police (IGP) Simon Sirro to get things ready for ‘show-time,’ ahead of the November 24 polls, citing Mbozi as the first assignment for the IGP.

Minister Lugola said intelligence reports indicate that unnamed members of the opposition were spreading malicious information, with social media reporting cases of crop destruction and threats to some civil servants.

“Sophia Mwakagenda (Special Seats—CHADEMA) announced in the national assembly she had evicted her tenant, a police officer, claiming that she cannot associate with a traitor,” said the minister.

Mr Lugola warned that any act that threatens peace and harmony of the citizens will be dealt with accordingly.

He announced that the police are standby to take charge during the entire election process, from nomination, taking and returning of election forms by candidates, campaigns, appeals, voting, vote counting and announcing winners.

“If any political party embarks on a deadly plan to disrupt peace, we shall never remain quite...we will use all our energy to ensure peace and security prevail,” Mr Lugola assured the National Assembly.

Concerns over looming election violence were amplified on Thursday after the main opposition party—CHADEMA—announced its decision to boycott the November 24 polls.

There hasn’t been any other party backing CHADEMA so far but instead there have been political confrontation pitting opposition against the government and the ruling party—Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM).

CHADEMA argues that taking part in the local government elections amounts to supporting the already CCM flawed electoral process.

Deputy Minister of State in the President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government Mwita Waitara has dismissed CHADEMA’s decision to boycott elections as baseless, saying Tanzania is a multi-party democratic country and will not compel any opposition party to remain in the race for political offices.

“It’s their democratic right to participate or decide not to participate. Besides them, there are other parties that remain in the race and elections will continue as the minister had announced earlier,” said Mr Waitara.

The deputy minister who resigned as Ukonga legislator on CHADEMA ticket and defected to the ruling CCM to successfully reclaim the constituency said election guidelines and regulations were well communicated to both political parties, with CHADEMA deputy secretary general receiving the document in Dodoma last August on behalf of the party.

Mr Waitara said the government is well organised to train all local government leaders who will triumph in the imminent elections to ensure they swim along with the government spearheaded industrial drive.

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