Wine envoy vows to promote local wines

WINE Ambassador Ms Caroline Uiso has vowed to use all means available to promote the country’s grapes and wine products in local and international circles.

Ms Uiso, who was picked for the title during the annual wine festival last month, said there were a lot of good wine products and grapes to which the public had to be introduced to so that they consume the local products for improved socioeconomic welfare.

She gave the remarks when briefing the ‘Daily News’ about her one-year term, mission and vision to promote the products so that the society embraces them instead of imported products.

“We have the best wines in our market but they are not well promoted so that consumers go for them instead imported brands while ours bear the best quality and standards” said Ms Uiso, adding: “Dodoma grapes produce quality juicy that is used by not only local wineries but the imported ones as raw materials; we have to make them known as well.”

The Wine Queen also said that when the Dodoma grapes are well known, farmers will be mobilised to farm commercially whereby they will be used as raw materials but also as fruits within and outside the country, thereby increasing their income.

She explains that come December 2020, the awareness campaign will be so well undertaken that 80 per cent of Tanzanians will be aware of the local wine brands and grapes.

By so doing, she said, it will raise the wine market and also boost the living standards of grape farmers economically, and facilitate socio-economic development individuals and the nation at large.

She called upon local large-scale wine producing companies to purchase grape juices from local juice producers.

“This will foster the growth of local industrial development, and there is no need to import grape juice from other countries like South Africa while we have the best juice from our local industries,” she explained further.

She urged farmers to come up with plans for large scale farming so that with the increasing demand, local industries should not be frustrated for lack of grape juice for their wine production.

“Investors should embark on grape farming in Dodoma, by exploiting its conducive climatic condition which allows farmers to harvest grapes twice per year,” Ms Uiso further remarked.

Users should drop the mindset and notion that the best wines are only from abroad as the country has the best quality because majority of them are unfortified, which is recommended for health and are naturally from grapes.

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Author: NELLY MTEMA in Dodoma

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