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Job creation on the rise, Bunge briefed

THE government yesterday released a report showing that it had created 33.5 per cent more jobs than the private sector during the last four years when President John Magufuli came to power.

Anthony Mavunde, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Office (Labour, Youth and Employment) told the National Assembly here that the State created 971,546 new jobs against 646,466, which were created by the private sector during the same period.

"This assessment is for the period beginning 2015/16 to 2018/19. The government, through its departments, public entities, the local and central government, created 184,141 new jobs," he said.

He added that on development projects that are implemented by the state, at least 787,405 new jobs were created while the private sector created some 646,466 jobs."

The government released the details in response to a question posed in the august house by Special Seats MP Anna Gidarya (Chadema).

In her main question, the lawmaker asked the government to break the silence on the rate of unemployment as a large number of energetic youths were just idle for about three years after completing their advanced education.

"When will the government open the employment window?" she asked, as she sought details on whether the government has conducted any assessment to determine the actual number of youngsters who were jobless.

In his response, the deputy minister said the government had never closed its employment window as many of its institutions continued to hire new staff.

He said the recent government decision to lay emphasis on industrial economic development had opened up more windows for employment, especially benefiting the youth.

"Implementation of large scale strategic projects has indeed generated job markets," he said, admitting that lack of employment lowers the ability of the group to be self-reliant and thus expands the dependence gap to the economy.

He said, however, that the government had embarked on a number of initiatives seeking to bridge the unemployment gap by adopting skills development programmes.

He said between 2017 and 2019 about 47,585 youths benefited. Rombo Member of Parliament Joseph Selasini (Chadema) urged the government to update the school curriculum to allow many graduates to become skilful and competent in creating jobs rather than seeking employment opportunities.

However, Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Prof Joyce Ndalichako explained that the curriculum was solid and that schools had been conducting sound self-reliance lessons from the grassroots.

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