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Water Mission projects in refugee camps improves

WATER Mission Tanzanian water projects continue to benefit people in areas with scarce water in the country, including refugees living in Nyarugusu refugee camp in Kigoma Region that was inaugurated over the weekend.

Water Mission has been working in close partnership with the Ministry of Water and the Ministry of Home Affairs, Poul Due Jensen Foundation, Grundfos Corporation, UNHCR, to provide solar-powered clean and safe water in refugee camps.

Speaking during the launch, Denmark’s Ambassador to the country, Mette Nørgaard Dissing-Spandet, hailed the cooperation programme between the NGO with the government in tackling social challenges like implementing such water projects.

Also, Water mission implements safe water projects in Tanzania host communities and other regions across the mainland. More than 20 safe water projects have been implemented by Water Mission Tanzania since 2014.

To date, safe water is flowing for 30,000 people of Zeze, Kasanda, Kakonko, HeruUshingo, Mvugwe and Kazilamihunda-Juhudi host communities.

In future, Water Mission and its partners are committed to serving up to 80,000 people in host communities with solarized and safe water.

The Grundfos Foundation (Poul Due Jensen Foundation), Executive Director Mr Kim Nøhr Skibsted said: “This outstanding project started back in 2016, when the Grundfos Foundation and Water Mission made the ambition to replace the existing water infrastructure with a modern, solar-powered safe water system; the world’s largest to date in a refugees camp.

“We aim to serve hundreds of thousands of people in Nyarugusu and the neighbouring Tanzania host communities with clean and safe drinking water,” he said.

Mr Skibsted added that “Along with the work in the refugee settlement, we also reach out to rural communities in Western Tanzania, building community water projects in several villages.”

“To the Foundation, this is a flagship among many projects where we provide clean and safe water and useful knowledge to people in need.

Furthermore, the use of renewable energy and the inclusion of host communities are vital components in a new way of setting up water systems in rural and forgotten areas like host communities.

“We would like to see this concept replicated in other areas of the world, where the basic needs and human rights to access clean water is made possible by sustainable partnerships between foundations, companies, NGOs and governmental institutions like we see here between the Grundfos Foundation, Grundfos, Water Mission and local and central government authorities.

It can and should be done”, Mr Skibsted noted. The project intends to not only lower the running costs of the camp but also improve health and living conditions significantly in Nyarugusu refugee camp which is operated by UNHCR.

The Vice president of International Programmes from Water Mission International, Mr. Seth Womble, said the work in the refugee camps has been influencing projects across the country and region.

“Because of how the projects are implemented in the refugee camps, we are able to explore scalable solutions for other communities outside the camps.

Furthermore, projects implemented act as solid knowledge resources for our organization and other partners looking to do water projects in disaster areas and rural communities.”

This has always been one of the main goals of Water Mission as an organization. It is wonderful to see it coming to fruition,” he said.

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