Bahi to reduce maternal and child mortality

BAHI District Council targets to reduce maternal and child mortality from 44-20 per every 100,000 live births in 2019 by improving healthcare delivery services, it was said yesterday.

Speaking to reporters at Mudemu Health Centre after receiving modern medical equipment, Bahi District Medical Officer, Dr Phillipina Phillipo, said the equipment, which was donated by World Vision Tanzania, included a patient monitor that measured, recorded, distributed and displayed combinations of biometric value such as heart rates, peripheral capillary oxygen saturation (SPO2), blood pressure and temperature, among other things.

Others are a Doppler ultrasound device used during prenatal visits to count the baby’s heart rates and a portable steriliser that replaces boiling water mostly used in theatre.

“We’re grateful to World Vision for this valuable support,” she said, noting that the district, which had six health centres, could only offer surgical services at Chipanga and Bahi health centres.

“With this medical equipment, Mudemu Health Centre will be able to attend to pregnant women who are usually at risk during childbirth,” she said.

According to residents, health services have been a challenge as patients were referred to Dodoma Regional Hospital which is situated 60km away.

World Vision Tanzania, Child and Maternal Health Project Manager Daudi Gambo said the organisation supported the government to improve healthcare in the country.

He said World Vision’s donated medical equipment worth 16m/- would benefit Bahi and Chemba districts.

“A large number of pregnant women lose their lives during childbirth. But with proper medical equipment we can all reduce such losses,” he noted.

He said improving maternal and child health was crucial for sustainable development in the country.

Mundemu Health Centre Medical Doctor In-charge, Dr Anthony Muhimbira, said to improve health services the government had constructed five new buildings that included a doctor’s house, maternal ward, laboratory, theatre and mortuary.

According to him, the health centre has been referring at least 50 patients to the regional hospital, but with new developments only serious cases (of less than 10) are referred to the referral health facility.

At least 90 pregnant women give birth at the centre every month, a slight increase from 50 women recorded last year.

THE World Vision Tanzania (WVT), in collaboration with ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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