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Let AfricaLICS 2019 conference broaden our industrial horizons

TANZANIA today hosts the fourth African Research Network of Economics of Learning, Innovation and Competence Building Systems (AfricaLICS) 2019 conference to discuss innovation and transformative capacities for growth and sustainable development in Africa.

It is a three-day conference that brings together various academic and policymakers to discuss and find a way forward towards having an appropriate theoretical and conceptual framework necessary for formulating a workable policy that reflects appropriate innovation models.

It is sponsored by the Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (Costech) and hosted by the University of Dar es Salaam in collaboration with the Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Research Organisation ( STIPRO).

According to the African Development Group, while 10-12 million young people enter the workforce each year, only 3.1 million jobs are created.

This shows simply how youth unemployment remains not only a national, but also a global challenge which calls for adeq uate investment in inclusive job creation and the industries, the government and stakeholders have been touting cater for this need.

As a country we think we are blessed with hosting events like this one due to the fact that there are many opportunities attached to them that will benefit our people in both the formal and informal sectors.

This is because events like this one have been focusing on socioeconomic transformation and on how Tanzania can utilise available opportunities to industrialise and become the middle-income economy.

In this way, there will be more services and products that will cater for social needs and uplift people’s livelihoods.

But for this to happen we need increased level of productivity in all sectors of the economy by transforming the economy into a strong, resilient and competitive one, supported by science and technology.

A diversified economy bolstered by industry-based raw materials is capable of meeting the needs of other sectors and developing activities that have a comparative advantage.

Yes, great strides have been made in various sectors of the economy.

They demonstrate that Tanzania is on track towards its development objectives as outlined in its national development vision 2025 whose five main attributes are high q uality livelihoods, peace, stability and unity, good governance, a well-educated and learning society and a competitive economy capable of producing sustainable growth and shared benefits.

AfricaLICS 2019 conference dwells on innovation and transformative capacities for growth and sustainable development in Africa, including Tanzania.

So, let us as a nation utilise this opportunity for it goes in line with what our development vision 2025 stipulates and it is through implementing this vision that will make our nation move forward.

So, let us keep the fire burning by adeq uately investing in innovation, science and technology and in sustainable development.

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