PCCB uncovers 556.6m/- scandal in Rukwa

THE Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) in Rukwa Region has uncovered fraudulent payments amounting to 556.6ml- made to contractors who were assigned to undertake various development projects.

The fraudulent payments include 498m/-meant for water projects in Nkasi District and 58.6m/-meant for the construction of seven staff houses in Kalambo District.

The PCCB Rukwa Regional Commander, Mr Hamza Mwenda, made the revelation during a press briefing held here over the weekend, saying contractors together deserved to be paid 5.3bn/- but there was an additional of 556.6m/-.

“All contractors who were fraudulently paid a sum of 556.6m/-must refund the money to the government immediately as the anti-corruption body in the region is planning to take to task civil contractors and civil servants from Nkasi and Kalambo districts where the seven development projects were implemented,” added the regional PCCB boss.

He identified six projects in Nkasi District as including construction of Cold Storage Facility Project at Kirando Ward along the shoreline of Lake Tanganyika from which the contractor pocketed 27.2m/- deceitfully as the same deserved to be paid 330.6m/-but was paid 357.8 m/-.

Others in the list are construction of water project at Matala village whose contractor was fraudulently paid 108.6m/-as the same was paid 389.2m/-instead of 280.5m/- while the contractor of Katogolo Irrigation Project corruptly received 31.6m/-as the project was valued at 440.8m/- but was paid 472.2m/-.

In another water project implemented at Isala Village in the region, a contractor was fraudulently paid an additional sum of 100m/-as the work was worth 1.85bn/-but ended up getting away with 1.96bn/-.

The implementation of Mpasa Water Project worth 848m/- was inflated to 1.0bn/- enabling the contractor to get away with 154m/- in excess fraudulently .

Mr Mwenda also said the anti–graft watchdog is investigating construction of seven staff quarters in Kalambo District from which the contractor was falsely paid 58.6m/-as the project was worth 451.4m/- but the payments made amounted to 510m/-.

Meanwhile, PCCB in Rukwa Region has started investigating Rukwa Regional Tanzania Rural Urban and Rural Agency (Tarura) ,Engineer Boniface William being implementation of the Minister of State in the president Office Regional Administration and Local Government (Tamisemi) Mr Seleman Jafo .

Mr Mwenda also said that the Rukwa Regional Tanroads Manager, Engineer Msuka Mkina, was under investigation following his office being accused of awarding tenders favoring incompetent contractors.

Recently minister Jafo who was in President John Magufuli entourage when the latter was on an official tour of Rukwa Region, directed Tarura Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Eng Vincent Seif to suspend Eng William for two weeks pending investigations against him.

Eng William and his office are alleged to have awarded tenders dishonestly to incompetent civil contractors.

PCCB in Rukwa Region has meanwhile launched a manhunt for a person purporting to be a PCCB senior officer for allegedly attempting to swindle the Sumbawanga District Executive Director (DED) Mr Nyangi Msemakweli over 800,000/-

Mr Mwenda further said that the incident occurred on October 9, this year when a conman phoned the DED introducing himself by the single name of Shayo who pretended to be in charge of development projects’ investigation unit from PCCB Headquarters that was in dire need to fill his car with fuel valued 800,000/-so that he could tour and inspect development projects which are under construction in the precinct .

“We sent his (Shayo) SIM card number to National Identification Agency (NIDA) for professional scrutiny…it was later discovered that the card was not registered, and we are continuing with investigations to uncover all con men and women and subsequently arrest and prosecute them,” added Mr Mwenda.

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Author: From PETI SIYAME in Sumbawanga

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