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Govt pledges to improve livestock sector

THE government through the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries has pledged to improve the livestock sector by implementing all recommendations that are incorporated in the report, which was handed to the Ministry yesterday.

Earlier, a committee was formed to research and come up with a report on how to improve the livestock sector in the country.

The committee involved some retired Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries experts.

The Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Prof. Elisante Ole Gabriel said the experts’ report is expected to help the government in improving the sector and that his office is ready to implement it.

“On behalf of the government, we have received the report with full recommendations from special tasked committee and we promise to implement them,” he noted.

According to Prof. Ole Gabriel, the livestock sector is among key sectors that contribute greatly to the development of industries.

Dr Jonas Melewas who led the team said the report has six major areas, which need the Ministry to work on for the improvement of the livestock sector.

He added that some areas to be improved include proper implementation of given rules and regulations.


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