Grassroots polls should be given a bigger push

THE periodic political elections in which we, Tanzanians participate, constitute a very crucial feature of the life of our beloved nation.

It is because the men and women who are thrust into positions at various levels, constitute a team that is tasked to govern the country.

How governance is conducted determines to what extent we can, or should make headway, in crucial social and economic spheres.

If the governance is sober and focused, we can make headway. But if it would be the reverse , the motions would be in the reverse direction.

This would mean that, instead of wananchi as a collective national family moving forward by way of brighter social and economic prospects, they would at best be moving at a snail’s pace, and, at worst, stagnating.

Most people are anxious that they make headway, the end-result of which would be happiness.

In order for the desired results to be attained, initiatives to that end must be conceived and coordinated by capable, creative and well-intentioned individuals.

Patriotism is the moving spirit towards attainment of the goals. The individuals in question must be men and women who are driven by the zeal to propel the compatriots over whom they superintend to the anticipated higher goals.

Effective leadership is central to the mission. Those constituting it are supposed to be resourceful individuals who are capable of mobilizing wananchi in areas of their jurisdictions into effective nation builders.

They must also be patriotism-driven men and women who not only demonstrate that they are eager to promote national interests, but to tame negative elements in their midst.

In an ideal situation, local government elections are supposed to be very crucial, but enthusiasm on this component is not satisfactory .

It is partly manifested by the relatively slow-motioned registration pace, prompting the government to extend the registration deadline by three more days.

There’s a pressing need for more steam to be pumped onto the grassroots component of the broader electoral process.

For the situation at the grassroots level provides hints of how issues at the broader levels can or should be addressed.

Hence need to consolidate it, including mobilizing wananchi to take the polls seriously and, as voters, investing in credible, patriotic candidates.

TANZANIA like any peaceful part of the ...

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