Children with cancer at MNH need health insurance cover

THE majority of children suffering from cancer in the children’s cancer ward at Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH) are in need of health insurance cover to enable them to access health services.

Officials in charge of the health facility, therefore, call upon all well-wishers and other health stakeholders to help cover the children whose parents cannot afford to pay for insurance.

Acting Weekend Supervisor of Complex II of the ward Edmund Rwiza told the ‘Daily News’ during an interview recently that the majority of parents or guardians taking care of ill children admitted to MNH were poor.

The ward accommodates about 200 children.

“We ask individuals and companies to come and help open Toto Afya Card Health Insurance offered by the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) for children who do not have,” Mr Rwiza appealed.

“Since the treatment of these children takes a long time to have health insurance will help them access treatment in the country,” he said.

He was speaking after hosting a humanitarian society called Marafiki wa Oljoro (MAO) which visited the ward to donate various items to children and their parents.

The society, whose members are employees and businesspeople, donated hospital beds, mattresses, soap, sanitary towels, skin oil and pampers.

MAO Chairman Walter Chipeta said their donation to needy children was part of honouring Mwalimu Julius Nyerere on Nyerere Day.

“Being members of the community we thought of giving part of our incomes to needy children. We urge individuals and companies to come and help these children,” he stressed.

Ms Maria Madega, a parent who takes care of her ill child for the past six months admitted to the ward, said her child was not insured, thus was facing challenges when it came to getting treatment

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