Top primary schools attribute success to hard work, discipline

BEST schools in this year’s primary school leaving examination results have attributed their successes mainly to hard work, discipline and cooperation among teachers, pupils and parents.

The top ten schools are Graiyaki and Twibhoki in Mara region, Kemebos in Kagera, Little Treasures in Shinyanga, Musabe and Tulele in Mwanza, Kwema Modern in Shinyanga, Peaceland and Mugini in Mwanza as well as Rocken Hill in Shinyanga.

Graiyaki Primary School Headteacher Sonda Majaliwa whose school topped the list told the ‘Daily News’ in an interview yesterday that cooperation among teachers, parents, management and pupils contributed to the best performance in examinations.

And, five out of the best ten pupils in this year’s examination results are from Graiyaki Primary School.

Mr Majaliwa argued that teachers have developed closecollaboration among themselves towards helping pupils to improve their academic performance.

“Teachers have been always developing strategies to help children in learning and understanding subjects,” he said, appreciating the school’s close relations with parents as another reason for best performance.

The head teacher noted that the school has been involving parents in looking forremedies to various problems haunting pupils. He said the school management is also close to teachers, ensuring that their welfares are met for increased morale.

Twibhoki Primary School Headteacher Samson Malugu concurred that teamwork among teachers, pupils and parents was the key secret behind the school’s superb performance.

He cited efforts to control absenteeism as another factor to the success, appreciating parents’ support in the fight against absenteeism.

Kemebos Primary School Manager Eulogius Katiti cited hard work and discipline as the major contributing factors behind the Bukoba Municipal Council-based school’s splendid performance in this year’s national standard seven examinations.

Kemebos emerged third in the national level ranking in which the Lake Zone regions—Mwanza, Mara, Kagera and Shinyanga— dominated all the top ten slots.

Mr Katiti was overwhelmed by joy, “We thank God for the good performance based on hard work, discipline and good working relationship. Besides Kemebos, we also own Kaizilege Secondary School, which is among best 10 schools.”

Announcing the 2019 Standard Seven National Examination results, National Examination Council of Tanzania Executive Secretary Dr Charles Msonde said 81.5 per cent of the 933,369 pupils who sat for the exams passed.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporters

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