Girls should be groomed into resourceful people

IT has been said and stressed over and over again, that females, embracing girls and women, have a great role to play in all the crucial spheres of every nation’s wellbeing.

One of the greatest flaws of human nature, however is for females to be, at best, undermined, and, at worst, characterized as useless.

It isn’t surprising, indeed, that, initially, women who plunged into politics in various parts of the world and shot to prominence as members of parliament, ministers and heads of state were perceived as an exceptional breed.

Beyond politics, it was virtually unthinkable that women could hold high-level administrative positions such as managing director.

It is an open secret that, in the African continent, to which Tanzania belongs, it took quite a long time for the people, including women, to shake off those misconceptions.

Beyond politics, some male employees in institutions superintended over by female chief executive officers felt uncomfortable, if not absolutely outraged. Over the years, the situation has undergone dramatic changes.

It is now commonplace to have women in prominent positions in the civil service as well as the private sector. The concept that a woman’s place is in the kitchen has virtually lost meaning, as there’s no sphere of human endeavour in which females are not active participants.

Quite many indeed outshine men in terms of creativity and efficiency. But male chauvinistic tendencies die hard, and Tanzania is no exception in that regard.

Ours is a country that has recorded some remarkable strides, as we have a female vice president, had a female speaker previously, is represented in the Cabinet and regional administration, plus many other sectors.

But we are being badly let down by male chauvinistic tendencies, one of which is to manipulate them as generators of income.

At a recent public function in Dodoma Region’s Chamwino District recently, the District Commissioner, Ms Vumilia Nyamoga, cited some adult culprits as including parents, guardians and grassroots leaders.

These, she said, engaged in tendencies like forcing female learners to perpetrate exam failures in order to curtail academic advancement in order to get married, or work as barmaids.

Plus, some male parents manipulated their daughters as baits through dowry. We fully support her sentiments and stress that school girls are potentially resourceful individuals who should be groomed to that end.

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