Sino-Tanzania garment festival next month

THE first, one-day Tanzania– China garment wholesale festival is staged to take place mid next month.

The festival, which is organised by East Africa Commercial and Logistics Centre Chamber of Commerce’s (EACLCCC) main purpose is set to implement some of the cooperation intentions reached at the Tanzania-China Shandong Trade Cooperation Forum which was held last month.

EACLCCC Chairperson Ms Cathy Wang Xiangyu said they act as a bridge of trade between China and Tanzania by actively building a trade exchange platform for business.

“The chamber is committed to break the traditional trade model by reducing the intermediate circulation links in the business field, improving the efficiency of business operations and reduce operating costs of businesses,” she said.

The country works hard to build a strong economy aimed at achieving a middle income status by 2025.

Ms Wang added that dozens of garment manufacturers from China and Dubai have been invited and will meet with the local practitioners.

The idea is to create a direct communication with the manufacturers hence breaking the intermediate commission and reduce the operating costs of the merchants.

The organiser said the goods that will be showcased include men's wear and women's clothing, shoes and hats, belts and accessories, babies’ and children's clothing as well as handbags, backpacks and other hundreds of styles.

Also, the garment festival will provide an online platform with live broadcast where merchants can place their orders online to procure what they want.

“There will also be an offline clothing exhibition and live TV-show, clothing operators can carry out business exchanges with clothing manufacturers on the spot and at the same time can have a more intuitive understanding of the exhibitors. The intended goods can be placed on the spot to attract purchase orders,” Ms Wang said.

The EACLCCC is a company registered with a sole aim of promoting business between Tanzania and China and wants to make Dar es Salaam a hub for business between China and Africa.

The chamber is a subsidiary of Ling Hang Group headquartered in Shandong, China.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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