UNA now appeals for youth participation in economic activities

THE United Nations Association of Tanzania (UNA), Project Coordinator Lucas Fidelis has appealed for youth participation in the country’s economic activities.

He said youth participation in economic activities in Tanzania presented an immediate solution to youth unemployment.

Mr Fidelis was speaking in Dar es Salaam recently during a youth dialogue which brought together participants from various organisations and the private sector to share their views on ways that could create an enabling environment for youth participation in economic activities.

The dialogue was organised by UNA and was a part of a big project sponsored by the Foundation for Civil Society to facilitate youth participation in decision-making processes.

He noted that young people should not be abandoned, but be agents of change through decision-making and active engagement in economic activities that impacted positively on them.

Mr Fidelis said there was a need for having initiatives for youth self-realisation and government action to improve their economic status.

The project coordinator noted that the role of UNA under the sponsorship of the Foundation for Civil Society was to ensure young people improved their livelihoods.

He shared with participants the strides made so far by the government on imposing regulations on youth funds from the local government.

However, due to challenges he called upon the government to keep creating an enabling environment for youth business and innovation.

Mr Fidelis said if the government supported young people they would then take initiatives to engage in economic activities and create jobs as the only solution to curb youth unemployment.

“There are issues that hinder young people from accessing funds, nepotism among service providers who see young people as liabilities rather than economic assets. Likewise, an unsatisfactory follow-up on youth economic graduation which has adverse effects on young people,” he said.

Dialogue participants called for the promotion of urban skills that offered a wide range of opportunities to young Tanzanians and help them improve their lives.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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