Embrace new technologies in communication, minister orders

WORKS, Transport and Communications Minister Isack Kamwelwe has directed Tanzania Postal Cooperation (TPC) to embrace technological changes to offer up-to-date communication services to Tanzanians as it is the only method delivering communication to wider part of the population.

Speaking on behalf of the minister during the commemoration of 145th year of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), Deputy Permanent Secretary Minister for Works, Transport and Communications (Communication portfolio) Dr Jim Yonazi said the government relies on postal communication services to reach more citizens, including those who are not easily reached by other communication means.

“In this fast changing world you ought to use ICTs and other technological advancement to improve your services and deliver communication services to a wider population and expand your business functioning,” Dr Yonazi said.

He said considering the fact that TPC is solely owned by the government it serves an important tool which links it with wider public.

The corporation has to ensure the services offered reflect UPU’s this year theme: “Delivering Development is delivering progress” so that TPC can participate fully in pushing ahead the country’s development agenda.

In his statement on the state of postal services in the country, Director General of Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) James Kiraba said that there are 82 registered courier and postal service providers in the country, with TPC as the only public owned while other 81 are privately owned and operated.

“Embracing new technology has improved justin- time of shipment of goods and parcel by express and ensure continued delivering of the post services to customers and removing the communication gap,” he said, adding that advancement of ICTs has opened new opportunities which necessitated post to be innovative to grab them.

For his part, Postmaster general issued a statement in regard to World post day which is commemorated on 9 October every year , saying that TPC is modernizing its business functioning through by going with modern ICT development through introducing easier to use services and embracing E-Commerce.

“We have rolled out an application which is used to offer all postal services online and TPC has also interfaced the Government Gateway payment system (GePG) which as enabled electronic payment of postal services in our entire network countrywide”

The Executive Secretary to South African Development Community (SADC) Dr Stergomena Tax used the World Post day to express the economic bloc’s expectation to the postal communication.

In her statement posted on SADC website, Ms TAX said that she was happy that member states are committed to launching a ,money transfer system called PosTransfer among themselves.

She said that another project among the use of ecommerce platform that will make use of postal network and products for cross-border logistics deliveries return and payment.

UPU’s director general ambassador Bishar Hussein insisted on celebrating the world postal day by reflecting on how it has better served humanity.

“we have been guided in this work by the need to help humanity overcome its challenges, so that we can secure the future that we all want for our humanity”

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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