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JPM can’t be everywhere to fix every problem, please

JPM can’t be everywhere to fix every problem, please

EVERY time President John Magufuli embarks on working tours of upcountry regions, he gets overwhelmed by people’s problems, some too trivial to warrant the presidential intervention.

Wananchi, through placards, complain to the head of state a myriad of their unattended concerns, ranging from harassment by police, corruptions to chronic land related conflicts.

But, all these aggrieved taxpayers have both elected, employed and even appointed leaders who get paid monthly to work for and fix people’s difficulties.

One wonders, what all these salary earning officers do if even the trivial cases have to wait for the interventions of the president or prime minister.

It seems many leaders are engrossed in their air-conditioned offices and swaying chairs that they find the task of getting out and listening to people as highly boring—they want to enjoy the privileges that come with their positions but abhor responsibilities under similar positions.

The government, in the quest of efficiently delivering to wananchi, decided to sprit some vast districts into urban and rural councils to take the services close to the people.

Surprisingly, the rural councils that were established specifically for the rural folks have since kept their offices in urban, defying the very essence to form them.

At some places, citizens are compelled to trek almost 100 kilometres to get to the services of their district executive directors or agricultural extension officers in town—very unfair, indeed.

President Magufuli last Monday gave 30 district councils 30 days to relocate their offices from urban to rural areas or risk dismissal.

But, before Dr Magufuli’s directive, were regional commissioners, district commissioners and even ministers not aware of the torture the hapless wananchi were unjustifiably being subjected to.

Yes, President Magufuli’s grit to serve Tanzanians—the materially deprived rural folks in particular is absolute. But, he needs dedicated support from his lieutenants at all levels.

He is after all a human being. As he rightly warned on Tuesday, serving wananchi with devotion can hardly be a one man’s show, “Even if I were a saint, I would not be able to finish all the things on myself. Let’s all work together for the betterment of the country.”

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