TPA seeks to authenticate 120 informal, insecure ports

HARBOURS under Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) are likely to rise as the authority formalises 120 informal docks along the Indian Ocean and Lakes.

TPA is currently managing 89 formal ports and the plan to formalise 120 more harbours will bring the total number to over 200.

The initiative is expected to boost TPA revenues and enhance the country’s security.

The use of informal docks—panya routes—by some unscrupulous traders to smuggle goods and evade taxes also threatens the national security.

TPA Director General Deusdedit Kakoko said in Dar es Salaam recently that there are 437 ports countrywide, with 132 of them along the Indian Ocean and 305 others along the Lakes.

Lake Tanganyika alone has over 90 ports, including the informal.

“We want to formalise and start collecting levies from these informal ports. It’s also important to authenticate them for security purposes,” Engineer Kakoko told editors and reporters from different media houses.

He took the media professionals through the operations of the TPA.

The authentication of the ports is part of TPA implementation of its 20-year Port Master Plan which started in 2008.

In executing the master plan, the authority has been undertaking short term plans of five years each. Currently, TPA is implementing a third five-year plan.

“The current five-year plan is in line with the government’s policy and direction towards industrialisation,” Engineer Kakoko said.

The Integrated Industrial Development Strategy (IIDS) assumes that the manufacturing sector will contribute nearly a quarter of Tanzania’s gross domestic product by 2025.

The government is taking proactive measures to encourage manufacturing activities and perceives the transport sector, especially hauling of goods by road, rail, lake and sea, as essential link in the process.

The authority will be looking at ways to stimulate the industrial agenda, well aware of the “huge competition” from other ports in neighbouring countries.

Among TPA priorities will be to provide efficien handling and timely discharge of raw materials and machineries imported by sea for use in Tanzanian industries.

Domestic industries will be given all facilities for export of their goods by sea. Meanwhile, the TPA intends to encompass Lake Rukwa as part of its areas for marine services.

The move is intended to extend the scope of maritime transport in the country.

“In the near future, we will take Lake Rukwa and put it under our marine services...historically the lake was excluded,” Engineer Kakoko said.

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