Oktoberfest gets its extra home in Tanzania

THE famous German event Oktoberfest will get an extra home in Tanzania, when it takes place in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region for the first time this month.

Speaking to the press concerning the event, the Director with the Kilifair Promotions, which will organise the event Mr Dominic Shoo, said it expected to take part from Friday, at the Independence Grounds, situated at the Centre of the Moshi municipal.

“For the first time Oktoberfest will take place in Moshi, Kilimanjaro and we are expecting more than 2,000 people to start with this year and because the event is to be an annual one, we expect a good start”, he said.

He said apart from been a pure traditional German event, the Oktoberfest event in Moshi is expected to be one of the events which would be used by the Kilifair Promotions to promote tourism in Kilimanjaro and the Nation at large.

“This year’s event will involve visitors from the East African region but because it will be an annual event, as from next year God Willing, it will be an International event surprising the East Africans and that of African boundaries, hence our concept of improving Tanzania’s tourism sector through Oktoberfest”, he added.

He said the event will involve exhibition and consumption of different types of beers, traditional German and Tanzanian foods and that it would be spiced by music entertainment which will be performed by among others Christian Bella and Ruby.

For his part, the Kilifair Tourism Promotion Co-Director, Tom Kunkler, said the event reflects which takes place in Germany for sixteen days, every year, involving different types of traditional events including of the consumption of beer.

“Although German in origin, the event nowadays attracts people from different parts of the world, from more than 60 countries, whereby more than eight million units of beer is been consumed during the 16 days”, he noted.

He said the event used to be organized in Tanzania but only small events were been organized by friends and to others some families used to organize it with their close friends.

“The Moshi Oktoberfest is going to be of the big size to match the meaning of the event and this inaugural event will raise awareness to those who didn’t know about Oktoberfest and to those who just had an idea about it to know more about it”, he said.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Moshi

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