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Rukwa water contractor faces Magufulis’ wrath

PRESIDENT John Magufuli yesterday denounced shoddy execution of over 20bn/- water projects in Rukwa region, ordering stern measures against the contractor.

Dr Magufuli also directed Water Minister Professor Makame Mbarawa to institute stern measures against the ministry officials who awarded the tenders to the ‘incompetent’ contractor—Fally Enterprises Limited.

Equally, the president told Professor Mbarawa to form a probe team to investigate all water projects, which had been contracted to Fally Enterprises and fresh evaluation, including unfinished projects under the contractor, be conducted.

President Magufuli gave the directives after learning that the contractor was being awarded almost all tenders in the region despite his failure to complete any project successfully.

The president hinted that it was apparent that there were some dishonest officials in the ministries of regional administration and local governments; and water who were colluding with the contractor to sabotage the government.

“All people who are responsible must pay the price…be it DED (district executive director) who pays or any person facilitating this dirty game must be in for it…it is shame seeing this is happening and no one is being disciplined, I will not tolerate this,” he charged.

President Magufuli instructed the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB), Regional Police Commander (RPC) and Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) to act swiftly against people who burnt down water project in Leila Township within seven days.

He was upset by the delays by the law enforcing agencies to act against people involved in the crime, noting that it was senseless for the government to inject a lot of money to finance development projects, which few misguided people are bent on destroying.

“This water project, which cost about 1.7bn/- was burnt down by some people even before it was finished, the RPC is there, PCCB is here, all responsible organs are there and are not taking any action,” he said, crossly directing the responsible bodies to act or risk losing their jobs.

Meanwhile, President Magufuli ordered immediate suspension of Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Polycarp Urio, accusing him of defying Home Affairs Minister Kangi Lugola’s order.

The suspended Urio was the acting RPC when Minister Lugola toured Leila Police Station in the region and ordered immediate transfer of nine police officers over their alleged involvement in corruption and prejudicial treatment of suspects.

“Suspend the police officer— Polycarp Urio right now, I will give you further instructions later,” the president ordered Inspector General of Police Simon Sirro over the phone, insisting that it was the misconduct of the highest level for police leaders to disobey orders from the minister “whom I have appointed to work on my behalf.”

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