Why the Trump show upset me

I was watching Donald "everything is nice" Trump talk at one of the many press conferences and I must admit I switched it off mid-sentence.

From saying that everything is nice; The phone calls, the text messages, the conversations were all very, very nice to his presidency being the nicest and most accomplished, in his head, he is the King of Nice and there is nothing you can tell him.

Back to the press conference, I cringed into my seat because every single thing that The Donald was saying was further incriminating him. Everything.

The more he was trying to explain or what he believe he is doing, the more he showed how much he had wronged the American people and it's just, I had to switch it off.

I have to say I'm feeling a little sorry for him. Like if I was within hugging proximity, I'd hug him. I know, I know. I think age is making me soft and plus the weather has also soften me up a lot.

Watching him dig himself deeper and deeper into a hole that he will never be able to get out of all the while blaming Joe Biden. It was first Obama who was the world's biggest villain but now it's Biden.

The way everything is unfolding you'd almost think it was a Shakespeare play adapted for the modern times with the badly casted Trump as the lead.

The summary would say something like, "Donald Trump...(insert words describing his background) consumed by ambition and sheer jealousy for one Barack Obama launches into presidential campaign which he wins only doesn't know how to be a president resulting instead into becoming wracked with paranoia....(other stuff and date of leaving White House). The end. Truly and the end is near.

What gets me is that as much as this is unfolding for everyone to see, there are still those who believe that this won't happen to them. That they will be in power forever. We wait for that play to unfold too.


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