Tanzania, India pledge to bolster relations

THE government of Tanzania has pledged to cement the existing diplomatic relationship with India by ensuring cooperation in various area for the betterment of both sides.

Deputy Secretary in the Min istry of Works, Transport and Communication, Dr Jimmy Yonazi said during the commemoration of 150th birthday of the Indian founding father, Mahatma Gandhi that the two countries have been working together for decades and that the cooperation will continue in various ar eas including agriculture, trade, education, culture and tourism.

Dr Yonazi represented the Minister of Works, Transport and Communication, Eng. Isaac Kamwelwe.

"Tanzania and India are cooperating in the sectors of Agriculture, trade, education, culture and tourism where our people are being nurtured with knowledge and creative skills,” he said.

The Indian High commissioner to Tanzania Shri Sanjiv Kohli said his country was ready to work with Tanzania in developing key sectors as mentioned early in the speech.

"The Indian government offers scholarship to up to 500 Tanzanian students in Indian universities every year, we believe that the knowledge they acquire helps them to bring positive changes in the country,” he said.

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