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Amaan stadium to be laid w ith artificial turfs

LAYING of an artificial turf at the Amaan Stadium in Unguja is expected to begin soon with the government expressing confidence that the work will be completed by January, 2020.

This was revealed by the Deputy Minister for Youth, Culture, Art and Sports, Lulu Msham Abdallah when responding to queries from Representatives.

According to her, the bidding process for the work, which will also include installation of a new scoreboard, has started.

“ We have already announced the tender to lay the turf and as soon as we get a successful bidder the work will immediately get underway,” the deputy minister told the House of Representatives.

She expressed optimism that the laying of synthetic grasses at stadium will competed ahead of the next Revolution Day commemorations, due January 12, 2019.

The Amaan Stadium will be the third on the Isles to have an artificial turf after Gombani Stadium in Pemba and newly refurbished Mao Tse Tung stadium.

Lulu said the stadium’s lighting system will be repaired as part of the planned renovation.

The Amaan stadium was built with Chinese government aid and opened in 1970.

It was China’s first stadium project in Africa and it marked the beginning of its stadium diplomacy over the decades.

The stadium underwent refurbishment again with Chinese assistance, reopening in 2010.

The government also plans to make minor renovations at the Gombani Stadium, where a new scoreboard will be installed.

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Author: ABDALLAH MSUYA in Zanzibar

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