Karagwe traders hail BRELA on new licensing system

KARAGWE District Executive Director (DED), Godwin Kitonka has hailed the newly introduced electronic business licensing system, noting that this will increase government revenue collection; minimize paper work and time spent by traders.

He unveiled that contrary to the old system where a business person was required to travel for long distance to BRELA and municipal offices to get a business license, traders will access the licenses electronically by using their smartphones and the internet.

“This is a big achievement. Business persons will get their Class A business licenses using their smartphones and the internet.

The system will increase government revenue, transparency and also minimize paper work and time wasted to get a business license,” he said.

Online Registration System (ORS), is a system operated by the Business Registrations and Licensing Agency (BRELA).

Mr Kitonka was speaking during a National Business Portal (NBP) workshop which was attended by over 50 business persons held at Kayanga, in Karagwe District on Friday.

Karagwe District Trade Development Officer, Peter Evarist noted that the council has already established a special desk to assist traders on how to fill business license application forms electronically.

He said the new electronic system will come into effect from October 1, this year. The Director of Business Support under BRELA, Mr Bakari Mketo, told the Sunday News in an interview that six councils have been identified as pilot areas where business people were getting training on the importance of adopting the new e-licensing system.

He named the councils to include Chalinze, Mafinga, Bukoba Municipal, Ilala, Karagwe and Mwanza City. He appealed to Tanzanians to utilize the service to increase their business volume, where employers, including District Executive Directors (DED), were also urged to ensure that traders under their jurisdiction get the skills.

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Author: MEDDY MULISA Bukoba

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