China awards Salim with Friendship Award

CHINESE President, Xi Jin- ping, has awarded former Tanzanian Prime Minister, Salim Ahmed Salim, with China’s highest honor.

The honor, Foreigner’s Friendship medal was bestowed on the former premier for his continued efforts of promoting good relations between Tanzania and China, the Chinese ambassador to Tanzania, Wang Ke has said.

The People’s Republic of China Friendship Award is the highest award for for- eign experts who have made outstanding contributions to the country’s economic and social progress.

Ms Wang Ke said in Dar es Salaam on Thursday that the award to the 77 years old former premier and the youngest ever appointed dip- lomat to a foreign mission during the first phase gov- ernment came after President Xi Jinping issued a decree to award the medal.

“Dr Salim is one of the best friends to the Chinese people since the time he was appointed the ambassador of Tanzania to China at the age of 21 in 1971.

He spearheaded the cam- paign for China to restore their seat at the United Na- tions when he was the Per- manent Representative of Tanzania, and he has also been the Chairman of Tanzania-China Friendship Promotion Association.

She said that Dr Salim was the first African to be awarded such a medal from China, which is the home to the second biggest economy on earth and that he deserves such a medal.

The friendship medal award is a great honor to China – Tanzania traditional friendship, which for the past 55 years after bilateral relationships was established by two of our old generation of national lead- ers,” she said.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and East Africa Cooperation, Prof Palamag- amba Kabudi thanked China through Ambassador Wang, saying that the government will facilitate to ensure that the award reaches Dr. Salim on time.

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