Regulations on used electronics coming

REGULATIONS to restrict the importation of used electronics will soon be released, Permanent Secretary in the Vice-President's Office (Union Affairs and Environment) Joseph Malongo has said.

Addressing a press con- ference in Dar es Salaam yes- terday, Mr Malongo said the electronic waste management regulations were with Attorney General (AG) for final scraping and would be out in two to three weeks."

Electronic waste is a big issue in the world and for that matter we have decided to put in place regulations that will, among other things, restrict the importation of used electronics," he noted.

He said the aim of having the regulations on electronics was to help reduce the effects of electronic waste on the en- vironment and not make the country a landfill for the disposal of waste materials.

"The aim is to restrict the importation of containers of used electronic devices some of which are imported when they are almost waste, making our country a landfill," he stressed.

The PS said the regulationswould allow measures such as pre-shipment inspection on all electronic devices to be imported to limit the importation of over used devices such as televisions, computers and printers among other electronic equipment.

"The regulations will have measures that will ensure devices such as TV sets that have been used for over three years not to be imported," he said, adding that the regulations would also put in place high tariffs on the importa- tion of used devices to deter customers from buying such devices.

Meanwhile, the PS an- nounced the Environmental Man- agement Regulations (Hazardous Waste Control and Management), 2019 after reviewing the 2009 regulations.

According to the PS, the re- view of the regulations was to get rid of irregularities in the management of waste in the country.

"The old regulations (2009) had several irregularities and one of such was lack of the export controller," he said.

Mr Malongo said the new regulations already would help control the management of hazardous waste, including scrap metal, the exportation and importation of such waste.

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