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70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China

YESTERDAY the embassy of the People’ s Republic of C hina hosted a grand reception to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the f ounding of the People’ s Republic of China.

Her Ex cellency, Chinese Ambassador to Tanzania, Wang Ke was on hand to host her invitees in their hundreds across the social and political strata of Tanz anians, including envoys representing their respective countries.

I can write with certitude that almost in all developing countries where C hina runs embassies, hundreds of guests turn up at receptions to celebrate the founding of this country-which is a comprehensive tex tbook f or all developing countries wishing to excel in economic development.

In as a matter of f act, in the intervening period-when news has abounded that one super power is waging a trade war with China-which is the second biggest global economy, yet modest in demeanor- it is as clear as daybreak that that this unipolar power is destined to failure in its unilateral trade war with this most populous country, which has a win-win agenda with developing countries.

In evidence of this development, we have heard no mishap in C hina’ s economic development since this trade war was declared by this unipolar power a couple of years ago.

Needless to say, Tanz ania’ s is an historic f riend and ally of C hina-taking the Tanz anian historical and political background into perspective.

A f ew years af ter the attainment of political independence, Tanz ania’ s f ounder President, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere visited China under its founding leader, Chairman Mao.

The two leaders, Chairman Mao and Mwalimu Nyerere then laid the f oundation stone of f riendship and solidarity-which has been the basis of f riendship and bilateral cooperation ever since and has continued to blossom.

To this day, C hina has remained f aithf ul to the side of Tanzania in economic development.

At the weekend, C hina donated doz ens of vehicles to this country to support our development endeavours as we have witnessed so much support in our country’ s agricultural and industrial development. According to a statement of the embassy delivered during last year’ s anniversary:

“ On October 1, 194 9, Chairman Mao Zedong, proclaimed the f oundation of the People’ s Republic of China.

Then C hina was an agricultural country with little industrial base and was one of the poorest countries in the world.

“ But under the leadership of the Republic’ s founding leader, C hairman Mao, a large number of roads, railways, power plants and heavy industrial facilities have been constructed; laying the foundation f or f urther development of China.

” China’ s background economic history that the country was mainly agricultural at the launch of its economy af ter liberation 70 years ago, this country has a leaf to take f rom China’ s background economic evolution to its present level, which is today the world’ s second largest economy.

At global level, China’ s economic growth has not been static as it’ s GDP has grown 100 times going by the f igures in the 197 0s. In the intervening period, China has contributed more than 30 per cent to world economic growth and has become the new powerhouse of world economic growth focusing on eliminating poverty of its own people by next year.

According to the British News Agency ( Reuters) , recently, C hina has pledged to ex pand its $ 3 . 8 trillion of its digital economy and create j obs in new sectors, shif ting away f rom reliance on polluting heavy industries.

Clearly, this is a message to the unipolar power that its declared trade war with China will not be easy to win because the latter is self -reliant in technological development.

And f or one thing, the unipolar power as ref erred to in the course of this perspective should take note that China’ s humility, f ar f rom being boastf ul as a super power, has won and continues to win China more f riends in the larger developing world.

Given China’ s background as a nation which stood on the side of most countries in Af rica and elsewhere who had f ought colonialism or other f orms of oppression, China has majority countries in the developing world, which do business and will continue to do business with the country.

The C hina-Af rica recent economic summit ( FOCAC ) , is one indicator that China is not alone in the world– it has allies in the world’ s pool of the maj ority– developing countries.

“ The traditional f riendship between China and Tanz ania was j ointly established by the leaders of the old generations of the two countries– ‘ wazee’ -in Kiswahili.

For more than half a century, the two countries have always stood together through ups and downs and shared weal and woe,” according to a senior Chinese diplomat in Tanz ania last year.

He went on: “ China-Tanzania f riendship has become a symbol of China-Af rica f riendship and has played an important and leading role in China-Africa relations.

” Indeed, it will remain that way and as China’ s surges f rom this date when it is marking its 7 0th founding anniversary.

Long Live the People’ s Republic of China. ●

The author can be reached at wakuhenga@ gmail.com


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Author: Makwaia wa Kuhenga

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