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Here it comes! Embrace JAMAFEST

HERE it comes! The regional Arts and Cultural ex travaganz a, dubbed ‘ Jumuiya ya Afrika Mashariki Utamaduni Festival’ ( JAMAFEST) , opens tomorrow to September 28 th this year at the National Stadium in Dar es Salaam, promising thrills, pomp and fanf are.

The Drum C all and the symbol of the drum cut across all the indigenous cultures of East Af rica and beyond, to call people together f or the communication of important news.

And, this is also the idea of JAMAFEST 2019, gathering the people of East Af rica together, here, in Dar es Salaam, to celebrate the richness of the bloc culture.

Artists f rom six East Af rican C ommunity ( EAC ) , member states Tanzania, the host, together with Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and South Sudan will parade their products and showcase their talents in the regional ex travaganza, f or which more than 100,000 people are ex pected to attend.

According to the organisers, the theme of J AMAFEST 2019 is “ C ultural Diversity: A Key Driver to Regional Integration, Economic G rowth and Promotion of Tourism”.

It is well-craf ted to f it the mission of integrating the region.

JAMAFEST is about ex changing cultural values within the EAC and to boost cultural tourism in the Region, while promoting social inclusion, cultural diversity and human development.

The obj ective of the f estival is to promote regional and socio-cultural integration through Arts and Culture.

It also aims at f ostering the economic development of the EAC , through creating a market f or cultural goods and services, as well as promoting Arts and C ulture, as a tool of communication in branding the bloc.

Organisers have promised thrilling f estivities in which, culture and creativity will be on display throughout the eventf ul week.

Celebrating the culture of East Africa will be a key cog of the event.

As we usher in the J AMAFEST 2019, we anticipate once again that deep basses of drum beats, rhythmic chanting of countless voices and the soft ringing of pearls and bells wrapped around ankles and necks, will f ill the air f or the duration of the festival.

Indeed as host nation, it is important for Tanzanians to embrace JAMAFEST.

This festival will provide an opportunity for Tanzanians and visitors f rom other nations to learn from each other through The Arts and Culture.

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