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W omen to benefit from awareness programme

THE Women Wake Up Foundation (WOWAP), has embarked on a civic education and awareness programme, where over 1,210 women in the region are expected to benefit from a number of trainings.

Speaking here yesterday, WOWAP Chairperson, Ms Fatma Taufiq said of the number, 410 will be trainers of trainers and the rest will be women, who will be shaped to take up a number of posts ahead of the local government election and next year’s general elections.

She said the training will cover all 41 wards in the region, where they will be equipped with leadership skills and the importance of vying for a number of posts during the coming elections.

Ms Taufiq said the aim of the project was to ensure that they increase the scope of women in leadership positions during local government elections planned for November this year and next year’s general elections.

“Sustainable Development Goal number five is on Gender Equality, therefore we have partnered with Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI), to empower women by equipping them with leadership training so that they can run for various leadership positions,” said Ms Taufiq, who is also a Special Seats Member of Parliament.

Adding that “the training will take off immediately after we are done with the inception meeting and training mapping as we want to increase women participation since the government has set up a friendly environment”

She said the government has good will in social balance in various fields, including decision making, and that is why it has provided a system of special seats.

“But for those who are nominated, we are in a small minority, so we saw the need to come up with this training to increase the scope of the women to contest, “ she insisted.

She attributed low women participation in political positions due to a number of challenges, including public perception and understanding, lack of confidence and self-esteem.

“The leadership positions are not copyrighted, so everyone is allowed to contest, and I encourage other women to appear in local government elections and later in general elections and to accomplish this, we thought it is best to raise women.”

Dodoma District Commissioner (DC), Patrobas Katambi commended WOWAP for the capacity building training, calling on the trainers to ensure that they reach those from remote and rural areas.

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Author: From NELLY MTEMA in Dodoma

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