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RC hails printing firm for extending helping hand

COAST Regional Commissioner (RC), Engineer, Evarist Ndikilo has showered praises to the owner of Global Packaging and Wande Printing and Packaging Ltd, Mr Joseph Wasonga over his contributions towards the de- velopment of the region.

Speaking during a brief ceremony of handing over 200 bags of cement to support the constriction of Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM) offices in Pwani Region, Eng. Ndikilo said Mr Wasonga has shown extraordinary enthusiasm in contributing towards development.

“In a special way, I would like to thank the Chairman of Global and Wande Printing companies for the way in which he has made himself a champion in contributing towards the development of the Party and government.

This move should be emulated by other investors and all development stakeholders,” he said.

Commenting specifically on the donation of 200 bags of cement handed over to CCM Pwani Region, Eng. Ndikilo pointed out that the construction of offices and a hall would go a long way in boosting opportunities in the region.

“This donation to CCM if used well will help in the completion of office buildings and a hall which will highly increase opportunities especially employment, revenue and strengthening of CCM in Pwani Region,” said Eng Ndikilo.

The Regional Commis- sioner called upon other Party and government stakeholders to continue contributing for the construction of the building.

“Let’s be proud of contributing towards the development of the Party as it has been said several times by the CCM Secretary General, Dr Bashiru Ally, that party members should be proud of contributing towards the development of our party, Mr Wasonga has shown the way, others should follow,” he said.

Mr Wasonga while handing over the 200 bags of cement on behalf of the Chairman, Mr Benno Mwitumba, thanked the Regional Commissioner, for the manner he has been supporting investors and development partners in the region.

“We thank the Regional Commissioner’s Office on how it has been supporting investors and development partners in this region, this has motivated us to consider expanding our investments here,” he said.

Mr Wasonga said he will mobilize fellow investors and other stakeholders to contribute in furthering the course, in a bid to make sure that CCM’s dreams of building a modern hall become a reality.

“We are informed that this hall is scheduled to be completed in June, next year, this will be possible if we the development stakeholders in the region would mobilize ourselves to contribute,” he said.

The government efforts aimed at putting enabling ...

Author: F rom DAILYNEWS Reporter in Kibaha

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