Farmers, traders free to export crops-govt

MINISTER for Agriculture, Japhet Hasunga, has said the government will not limit farmers from selling their crops outside the country, because they have permission to sell their produce wherever they desire.

He made the remarks in Dodoma on yesterday while speaking to the ministry’s employees. Mr Hasunga stressed that the nation has sufficient food reserve, thus farmers have been given that permission, a move that will widen the scope of their market.

The minister urged farmers and traders involved in buying or selling agricultural products to carry on with their business to increase productivity for farmers, and further insisted that farmers should continue to respond to market opportunities within and outside the country due to high demands.

He stressed that the major role of the government is to ensure that the nation has sufficient food reserve and farming continues to provide employment opportunities to majority Tanzanians.

Earlier, speaking at the meeting, Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Omary Mgumba said that in order to improve the quality of their products, the government must invest in rural infrastructure, especially roads so that farmers will be able to access larger markets.

Moreover, he added that students who were sent to Israel for agro studies will be preferable if they are sent to councils or farmers for them to put into practice what they learnt and help them improve their farming practices.

On his part, Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Hussein Bashe urged officials to increase productivity since the current government focuses on promoting the industrial sector; therefore there is need for quality and sufficient raw materials.

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Author: SUNDAY NEWS reporter

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