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Decentralisation policy almost ready

FORMULATION of the country’s new decentralisation policy is at final stages, with the document awaiting cabinet approval .

The envisaged policy, once becomes operational, is among others expected to relieve the central government from some of the duties that will be handled by the local authorities.

Director of Sector Coordination with the President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government, Dr Andrew Komba, said in Dar es Salaam yesterday that the document addresses issues of political decentralisation to ensure that citizens elect leaders of their choice during elections.

The envisaged policy also dwells on financial decentralisation, ensuring that the central government effectively disburses funds to the local governments.

“In the area of local economic development, the document gives guidance on how to transform institutions under the local governments from being just service providers to supervisors of productive sectors,” Dr Komba explained.

He said the draft policy will soon be submitted to the decision making authorities.

“We, as supervisors of the policy preparations, hope that by December this year, the document will have reached the decision making bodies,” he said.

Dr Komba was speaking in Dar es Salaam yesterday at the launch of this year’s CSO Week, which will be marked at national level in Dodoma in November.

“The new policy comes because many things have changed...there are things that the government decided to be handled by the central government and others by the local governments,” Dr Komba stated.

He cited construction of road infrastructure, which was in the past under local authorities but the government

decided to introduce the Tanzania Rural and Urban Road Agency (TARURA) for the job.

The government also noticed some issues under the central government that had to come under the implementation of local governments.

“Now there is a big push for some issues in industrial and tourism sectors to come under the local governments,” he stated, adding that the process to renew the national policy on decentralisation started two years ago.

For effective execution of the policy once it becomes operational, the government is now preparing a programme to strengthen capacity of the local governments to undertake their duties.

Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) Executive Director Francis Kiwanga said this year’s CSO Week will dwell into partnership for development.

“We are going to discuss issues of collaboration among stakeholders as the driver of development in Tanzania,” Mr Kiwanga said.

Head of Cooperation and Cultural Affairs with the French Embassy in Tanzania Cecile Frobert said collaboration between Non-governmental organisations, government and international community was inevitable in implementing the national agenda.

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