Align forests’ recovery approach with CBFM-Study

THERE is a possibility to reverse degradation of natural forestry if the industrialisation (value addition) concept would be upheld and modified to suit Community Based Forestry model in Tanzania.

That was said here yesterday by a Research Coordinator Prof FelisterMombo in aLudewa District survey that focused on establishment of village land forest reserves and address threats, which face biodiversity conservation, activities in an area.

The research was conducted by Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) and funded by Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, CEPF.

Prof Mombofurther said that the aim of the research was to identify both socio-economic and ecology challenges, which face Community Based Forestry model (CBFM) at Ludewa district in particular, and may be similar in other parts of the country, and come-out with solutions bearing in mind the increase on people on the land and their human needs.

She stated that the survey noted that about 93 per cent of the respondents were using firewood, wild meat, medicinal plants and mushroom for food in comparison to two per cent, who acknowledged to be visiting the forests to harvest honey and one percent to harvest timber.

The Research Coordinator ranked firewood, timber and charcoal as the three resources, which were mostly attracting the residents to venture into the forest, saying: “Though water being the fourth one, but to water their livestock and domestic use in LudewaDistrict.

“If we depend on the existing CBFM without looking at the legal aspect and status at the district level, there is a great danger that degradation will persist on natural forests countrywide,” Prof Mombo said.

The findings of the study confirms that villagers have become the de facto controllers and managers of the forest, however, the desire of to promote the CBFM is not picking up, unless by-laws are enacted through local government systems.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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