Devise health strategies which recover mother’s health, Council asked

TARIME District Councilors are calling upon Council authorities here to embark on tangible health strategies which can improve mother and child health in remote locations far from Dispensaries and Health Centers.

That was after a survey indicated that in 2018/19 year, about 113 children and seven women died in the area from preventable diseases.

That was said recently here by Tarime District Acting District Executive Director (DED),SylvanusGwiboha, while attending a full council meeting, where they also noted that the area health department was conducting an in-depth investigations to come up with ways to minimize maternal mortalities in the area.

He said that there was no need for the district to allow women at the grassroots to die of pregnancy related complications and after deliveries.

On the note, Mr Gwibohadirected the District Medical Officer (DMO) to conduct impromptu visits to all Health Centers, including the District Hospital to see into it that they all have in place strategies to protect a pregnant woman from complications related to childbirth.

''This is a serious matter as far as the provision of health services especially to the vulnerable groups including women and children at the district level is concerned.

We direct that the DMO conducts an impromptu visits to make sure effective control is taken towards securing constructive provisions at the health facilities and services offered promptly to expectant mothers and children,'' added Gwiboha.  

Equally, he tasked the Councilors to put in place various interventions in Nyamwaga Hospital, Sirari and MagenaHealth
coordinate with area Civic representatives for successful results.

The acting DED further explained that according to the Council’s findings underprivileged women at the grassroots have poor sources of income and education, which collectively make their diet to be poor and expose them in turn to diseases which affect their lives during pregnancies and deliveries.

''Poor education contributes to earlier or unplanned pregnancies, which in turn force them to lack good nutrition and hence, put their lives at risk,” he added.

Commenting, the Councilors called for tangible measures which include educating the residents to change their mindset, which compel some to use traditional medicine in serious matters against medical professionals’ advice.

One of the Councilors, John Bosco from Regicheri Ward said that most of his women residents have little or no knowledge of what to do once they face life-threatening pregnancy complications.

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