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If left unchecked, quest for easy money will flourish

RECENTLY, Tanzania experienced a severe tragedy w hich left more than 100 people dead.

They died after they tried to siphon fuel from an overturned oil tanker, which exploded in the process, wreak ing havoc in Morogoro.

A big percentage of those who perished in the petrol inferno w ere young people, mak ing the nation to lose a section of its energetic young w ork force, all because they w anted easy money.

Sometimes it helps to call a spade a spade, and not a big spoon, and in the case of Morogoro, it was unfortunate that there are those who died because they happened to be in the area at the time of the explosion, and there are those w ho died trying to steal fuel… .these w ere the majority.

Again it is unfortunate to note that now adays, young people are trying desperately to get the easiest money possible, which is why betting has tak en off lik e a runaw ay space rock et. Unfortunately, gambling is legal and is perceived a recreational activity in Tanzania.

There are no clear law s governing sports betting, leaving betting companies to set their rules and play by them.

It is not uncommon to overhear the w orking class, especially on a Monday morning, sharing their betting exploits for fixtures that took place over the w eek end.

Going by the discussions, and because of such individuals’ ability to stak e highly since they are on a payroll, the returns for those w ho w in are alluring.

On the contrary, unemployed youth addicted to sports betting k eep going blindly hoping for a w in w hich w ill recoup w hat they’ve lost besides making them instant millionaires.

The sw anky Mega jack pots and success stories subliminally but prominently advertised in digital, electronic and print media act as bait to the gullible youth.

Obsessive bettors, just lik e drug addicts are unable to control the urge to gamble even w hen they k now their gambling is affecting them or their loved ones.

They fanatically w ant to continue w ith the activity regardless of the conseq uences. Without proper legal and socio-economic structures, betting is emerging as a 21st century challenge.

It is only after Cambodia suffered gambling addiction that they sought to have systems to inhibit its negative effects.

IT makes sense to praise the fifth phase ...

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