‘All is forgiven' President tells MP Nape

PRESIDENT John Magufuli, early on Tuesday, said he has forgiven Mtama Constituency for what transpired previously.

A video clip and still pictures shared today by a State House’s Directorate of Communications in Dar es Salaam showed Mr Nnauye meeting with the Head of State and asked to be forgiven for “what happened”.

“All is forgiven. He (Nnauye) is still young and has great expectations ahead of him, continuing to bear resentment is to sin against God, as we are taught to forgive seven times seventy (as many times as we can).

“I have forgiven him and may God help him in his works, in taking care of his family, in serving the party, in serving the society in his constituency,” said President Magufuli.

He insisted, “I have forgiven him, it will be upon him if he misbehaves.”

Full will be Story in the Daily News

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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