18 villages projected to get power supply

Eighteen villages in Tabora North Constituency will be connected with electricity through Rural Electrification Agency (REA) Phase One, the Deputy Minister, Subira Mghalu, has said.

She said in Parliament yesterday that the project is being conducted by JV Pomy Engineering Limited, Intercity Builders Ltd and Octopas Engineering.

To make sure the contractors complete the job in the 18 villages, REA and TANESCO have intensified supervision of daily works of the contractor, she said in her response to a question by Almas Maige who wanted to know what the government would do to make sure the contractor completed power connection to the 18 villages in his constituency.

The deputy minister said REA and TANESCO had  demanded that the contractor procures equipment for the work from within the country.

She said Ikongolo Ward villages which include Kanyenye, Kiwembe and Majengo, would be connected with power through REA Phase II scheduled to begin in January next year.

Power connection to the Ikongolo Ward villages would involve construction of a 36.14 kilometre power transmission line with 33 kilovolts, and a 20.28 kilometre power transmission line with 0.4 kilovolts, she said.

She also said the work would involve installation of nine transformers of KVA 50 and KVA 100 and connection of power to 614 initial customers.

The cost of the project will be 2.29bn/
- , she said.

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Author: HENRY LYIMO in Dodoma


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