State House building, residents get 12.97bn/- in compensation

AT LEAST 12.97bn/- has been paid to 2,971 Chamwino District residents in Dodoma Region, who had to release their pieces of land to pave way for the construction of State House here.

That was said by Tanzania Building Agency (TBA) Acting Dodoma Regional Manager, Herman Tanguye, in a public meeting at Chamwino yesterday, adding that they are still seeking additional 1.22bn/- to finalise compensation of at least 215 other villagers, whose properties were affected by the project.

“The government is committed to meeting its promise and we have identified all the eligible people, and by now a large group has received payments,” he said.

The explanation came in response after some villagers raised concern that some of them were not covered by the compensation, yet they lost their herds of cattle in the exercise and some as a result of diseases affecting them while they were relocating.

Raising concern, the herders’ association Secretary in district, Mr Stanley K asanga, said that while struggling to relocate and adapt to new locations, some of their cows were attacked by some deadly virus and insects, which claimed some of their lives.

“Our herds of cattle are indeed in bad shape and not attractive for both business and food,” he said.

Initially, it was alleged that the villagers and herders had required to meet and appoint a committee on their behalf to study the suitability of the new pieces of land, where they were to relocate to, but that failed because the village authority was reluctant to release them some funds.

Reached for a comment, Chamwino Ikulu Ward Councillor, Julius Maguo admitted that the village chairman was a problem.

“We want the regional authority to intervene and compel the authority to release the fund with immediate effect,” he said, adding that they require the Regional Commissioner’s support.

However, Dodoma Regional Commissioner Dr Binilith Mahenge issued a two week ultimatum to the district authority to ensure that the problem was solved.

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