TCU sheds light on varsity admissions

STUDENTS who received multiple admissions at various higher learning Institutions during the first and second batches of admissions have until this Friday to confirm one university of their choice, the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) has said.

Plus, TCU has opened the third round of applications for those whose names did not appear in the previous batches.

The applications were due beginning yesterday. TCU Executive Secretary, Professor Charles K ihampa, said in a statement issued recently that those who missed out in both the first and second list of admissions for 2019/2020 academic year have until September 13 to re-apply for admissions.

According to him, the higher learning institutions’ watchdog had closed the first and second batches of admissions, to pave the way for the third batch of applications for unsuccessful students which kicked off yesterday.

Already, the names of successful students have been released by all higher learning institutions.

Initially, TCU had provided a second chance to students who failed to secure admission during the first batch by opening the second round which climaxed on August 29, 2019.

Already, the universities have released the names of applicants who sought to get admissions in the second round.

“All applicants who received multiple admissions during the first and second rounds are advised to confirm only one preferred university as they wish,’’ said Prof Kihampa.

To seek confirmation, students are required to send short messages containing a special password that they used when sending SMS or email addresses to the universities when requesting for admissions.

“Those who will encounter unprecedented delays in receiving messages are advised to enter into admission systems of their universities to request that they be issued with passwords that they can use to request for confirmation,’’ added the TCU boss.

The list of students with multiple admissions has been posted on the TCU website, according to him.

Students who will request for admissions in the third round which kicked off yesterday are those who completed form six and diploma holders who did not apply during the first and second rounds respectively.

Others are applicants who had been admitted in the previous years but did not show up or dropped out of colleges, he said.

TCU explained further that all applications should be forwarded to the respective universities as was the case during the first phase of applications.

“All applicants are reminded that all issues related to admissions or confirmation of the preferred university should be directly communicated to the respective universities and not to TCU ,” added Prof Kihampa.

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Author: LUDOVICK KAZOKA in Dodoma

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